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17-Mar-2020 18:31

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As for the viewers, Glassman seems excited they would get to see “the real Hailey,” not the one everyone remembers from 2009. In my head, two years ago the Kardashians weren’t married or had any kids, now you get to see the new Hailey Glassman, not the tabloid Hailey Glassman,” Glassman says.

The second season of “Sweet Home Alabama” airs tonight at 9 p.m.

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"I was genuine about how I felt and I truly did want the end of it to be me and it wasn't, but I still stayed true to myself and allowed everybody to kind of see every part of me -- the good and the bad," she said.In addition to being a rancher, Bubba is also a skilled carpenter, and thanks to time spent working for his father-in-law’s company, he’s become a savvy businessman, as well.In 2012, his charm and traditional values landed him in the runner up spot on a popular southern-style dating show. In just a few days, the University of Alabama grad will be back at the Bachelor mansion to meet her suitors (and re-meet the few who appeared on "After the Final Rose"). The other men she met on Tuesday -- Dustin, Connor, Luke P. -- will also have a chance to earn a coveted rose alongside the rest of the hopefuls when the show officially starts filming.

The 30-year-old Austin, Texas, native made quite the impression on Hannah when he rapped during his first meeting.

I came into the house wanting to clear the air, wanting love and I figured it would be a great experience,” Glassman says.