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23-Sep-2019 22:29

Our Swiss women are very independent in their lives & daily tasks. Altogether, Swiss has traditional blend into dating customs as well.If you like to go skiing in the Swiss Alps, or roaming the streets of Zurich enjoying the nightlife, or whatever you're interested in, you can always use our free site to find local singles who share the same passion & interest.The questions deal with and identify the level of neuroticism, openness to life, agreeableness, introversion and extroversion, conscientious, and lots more.The reading of questions and your preference as well as finding out others preferences by reading their reports is what forms the basis of this online dating website.Members are permitted to browse through this website once they have cleared up all of these questions.There are a total of 12 sections for you to complete which includes a section which contains traits which you look for in a partner.

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The personality test lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes.

It is as per these results that you are matched with partners from all over the country.