Animations on updating

10-Mar-2020 04:11

On a more serious note, I don't think the VGU's are aimed at dated/simplistic kits, but rather, dated/simplistic kits that are hard to balance.

The Top Down Engine includes a lot of demo characters, and they all come with a number of animations.

Still a bit crazy in the head but is mostly in control of the wild spirits.

Spirit Guard Udyr = A fantasy in which Udyr completed his training in Ionia and gained complete mastery over the 4 sacred Ionian spirits.

You’ll notice the demo animators are very simple in terms of workflow, usually based on an “any state” pattern, suitable for a demo, but that you’ll probably want to change for each of your specific characters.

The engine really encourages you to create your own graph.

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The argument that SGU (which I own) cannot be the default skin is crazy.

But the Engine should have you covered whatever method you decide on, as long as it’s supported by Unity.