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13-Oct-2019 15:34

Sadly this has happened again I’ve deleted the account and I am unable to add any AOL email accounts back on my iphone.Why does this keep happening with AOL accounts is i Phone incompatible with them?A number of responses came from different staff, who after a while weren't even aware of my original reason for contacting them. Then I received an email from them saying they need my date of birth on the acct, though I gave it when I set up the acct. My observation so far is : VERIZON = CYBER CRIMINALS. So I started transferring all my long time saved e-mails elsewhere. My passwords were changing every time I went to log in. AOL's spam setting deletes the addresses I save to prevent that.And mind you, no instructions as to where/how to input my DOB. I tried asking on FB just when this would be fixed and got a denial that there was any problem, they blamed my device. Not only do they SCREW AOL users, but they screw their own! I feel bad for all the people that are lured into their DIRTY CLUTCHES. I believe AOL is getting paid to be complicit with this spammer. Some of them are serious about getting your information, they used to have an email address so you could put a stop to some of these people. They closed that email address down and now want you to pay to get protection for your account.My suggestion was for if you got into that "Name or password incorrect" situation again.

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I was experiencing issues with receiving and sending emails because of server settings. I am planning to eventually move to another provider.

I think it's HORRIBLE AOL wanted to charge me to resolve the issue. This is the company with the most Internet experience, going all the way back to the 1980s -- 10 years before the World Wide Web was created.