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03-Nov-2019 22:30

Actually, I’m gonna take that last bit out of brackets: I think I do a good job with what I have.

I was talking to my friend Nick yesterday about life, and the fact that we are 24 (well, I am nearly) and not high-flying executives nor family men (ha!

I could be determined to make something of my life, but a car could hit me and that could be the end.

So I guess I must try to appreciate every day as much as I can, because you never know if we’ll get another.

But here she silences doubters, single-handedly elevating what would otherwise be a dutiful, sometimes plodding biopic.

The story, co-written by director Anne Fontaine, traces Coco’s life from childhood in an orphanage, includes her years as a struggling tavern singer and deals with her love affairs with rich suitors (Benoit Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola).

I have a huge creative drive, and so I can never imagine being lazy – even though my album is now ‘late’ (but I swear it’s nearly done!!! So I don’t understand why, near enough every morning, the thought runs through my head that goes “urgh, another day?

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Her ability to carry a movie, so evident in Amélie, has been open to question ever since.) so we are made to feel we need to “hurry up” before we miss our prime, and “do something”. My life is certainly not over at 23, and I’m making moves. We work hard and I feel that for someone to try to make me feel as if I’ve been wasting time is a little disrespectful because I have worked damn hard in my life to get where I am, and I am working hard right now to keep making it work and moving forward.I am the farthest thing from lazy, so please don’t get it confused: if I had my way, I would have been rich and successful 5 years ago without even needing to go to university.It's been a good couple of months if you like both movies and fashion.

We had The September Issue, a contemporary look at this world (minus the havoc that the financial crisis hath wrought since it was filmed), and on October 9 for us out here in flyover country we'll have Coco Before Chanel, a biopic of the legendary designer's early years and nascent career.

I guess it’s the fact that I am still waiting for my life to really “start” that makes every day feel a bit like a mundane trudge, even though I do my best to still enjoy myself.

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