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Discover practical, proven skills to deepen intimacy, emotional connection and bonding.Geared towards committed, engaged or married same sex couples, PAIRS for Love, for Life classes deliver helpful, evidence-based skills for improving communication, resolving differences, and ensuring life partners have the best chance of remaining an ongoing source of pleasure in each other's lives.Keep in mind there are no guarantees that a certain birth order combination will lead automatically to a successful or miserable marriage.But the point is that there are ) First Born Plus First Born Equals Power Struggle As we've already seen with George and Shirley, when two perfectionistic first borns get together, there is a bumping of heads (i.e., a power struggle).the distance between us has grown to the point we don’t communicate.I have considered separation in our failure to resolve past trauma in our relationship ...This went on through the early years of our marriage.

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As a society and individually, we know all too well the price many couples, families and children pay for couples with the best of intentions building marriages through a trial and error approach.Despite my intention to maintain my emotional distance with my husband, I experienced a profound change.

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