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04-Jan-2020 06:57

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That notwithstanding, many couples who met online swear by it.

Mia and George are beyond ecstatic about their relationship.

Dylan believes his path would never have crossed with Ann’s.

For one, their jobs are so different and their social circles barely intersect.

At that point, we’d already been chatting online for a few weeks, but meeting her physically showed me a whole new side of her. Right then, I was thankful that we’d first met online.

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Dylan is a busy professional, and social functions are out of the question for him. Because of this, I couldn’t find someone that easily.” That was before he gave online dating a try and got matched with Ann. I put in that little fact in my bio, and I made a funny quip about being a divorcee and getting back on the horse that threw me.” Dylan connected with her almost immediately.I am a nature photographer, he’s an investment banker. For Greg, he saw Susan’s profile on a dating site for couples and had something he calls ‘a special connection.’ “She came in like a hurricane,” Greg remembers the first time they met.“She swept into the place, all laughter and confidence.For George, Mia was just the pretty neighbor but that was until he spotted her on a dating app and reached out to her. They met up for coffee in Ann’s place a floor below his.

There are people who look down on online dating and couples dating websites.

Before they connected online, they were already familiar with each other.