Blind dating movie actors actor gregory smith dating

01-Feb-2020 01:34

The next time you see a blind character, take note of the actor.

And ask yourself, is it okay to use opaque contacts?

And if they did, jobs were scarce and discrimination in the industry rampant.

Well, amazingly enough (sarcasm again), blind actors DO play sighted characters sometimes.

Secondly, there are not many blind actors because there are not many jobs for blind actors. It's the same argument that the blackface promoters used before the Civil Rights movement.

There were not many black actors when black people were not allowed an education to pursue the arts.

I've heard justification for the practice of "blindface" by saying things like, "if they hadn't used that [sighted] actor, that amazing performance would never have happened." While that may be true, who knows if an alternate actor might have given an equally amazing performance, and possibly not have used the clichéd zombie stare.;) In what is maybe the most ironic casting choice yet, Chris Gorham in Covert Affairs, who uses his blind character to do PSAs about ableism.