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But adding value was in their vernacular from day one. Even if they didn’t have experience, they were willing to try to help founders build their companies. A place where there were young, sharp people who were hungry and who were interested in adding value as founders-to-founders — that would be a great place for me to help build.”Neil officially joined Romulus in the summer of 2012, and he and Krishna immediately dived into the biggest building project Romulus had yet undertaken: raising a M fund, and thus securing a solid place among the nation’s growing constellation of venture capital firms.I had been a founder, and I had my own vision of how to help founders and add value. An Audacious Partnership: Raising a M Fund This M raise was, in fact, a central impetus behind Krishna’s desire to add a partner to his team.He was ready to roll up his sleeves, was entrepreneurial, was hungry, and had experience as both a founder and an investor.”As they head together into Romulus’ second decade, Krishna and Neil both have considerably more experience — as both founders and investors — under their belts.And as Neil continues to mold the firm as it grows, he’s reflecting on what will necessarily change, as well as on what should stay the same. The core engine of what we do is getting very deeply involved on the foundations of businesses.And it’s no surprise that his founder-centered focus on building is the crux of his vision.“As we grow and evolve, a few things should never change,” he says. We can list all the things we do, but at the end of the day, we want to be a founder’s first call — no matter what the call is about.Onevest, formerly Rock The Post, is an investment crowdfunding site for startups where entrepreneurs are able to raise capital from accredited investors.

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There were many great angels, but angels aren’t set up to help founders with the nitty gritty of business-building.As of July 2014, startups launching on Onevest had collectively raised over million.

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