Cambodian guys dating

08-Jan-2020 09:53

There will be some single Phnom Penh girls out shopping but hitting on them won’t be easy.

First off you have to deal with the fact that they probably don’t speak English.

What often happens when guys come to this city and get free sex is they end up at Pontoon, bang a hooker, she doesn’t ask for money because she is shy, and they think Cambodian girls are slutty.

That isn’t the case, they just had to big of an ego to realize the girl who was all over them in the bar filled with prostitutes had other motivations.

However if they have a big smile and give a welcoming hello then keep on with it.

Another place where you could try is the Riverside area by the Mekong River.

Cambodia has some of the prudest Southeast Asian girls you will find, and we aren’t just saying that in a ‘the tallest midget’ type of way.

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On the plus side you had sex, on the negative side she will either ask you for money in the morning or be too shy to do so and hope you know the deal and pay her.

For some it is just to get out and explore, for others it is because of the easy (slutty) girls the area is known for.

But not all places are as easy as others and not all stereotypes really fit.

The deck will really be stacked against you if you want to hook up with the local Khmer girls and not pay to do so.

On a short trip foreign men probably won’t have much chance of having free sex with a local, but when there is a will there is a way.

Just remember that if a local girl is out after dark in a skimpy dress the odds of her being a hooker are probably higher than 95% .

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