Chinese dating phrases

23-Dec-2019 03:59

Fan Bingbing has been mostly staying at home these days, sending messages on We Chat (the Chinese Whats App), working on her English, receiving guests, doing charity work “to wash away her sins,” and otherwise “trying to stay positive,” according to a producer who knows her well.

But before the events of last spring, when she abruptly disappeared from public view for three months, she was busy being the most famous actress in China, which is to say, the most famous actress in the world.

In Beijing, she is the literal girl next door: nearly everyone I met claimed to be her neighbor. Fan grew up watching her father, a pop singer, perform at regional competitions. Both were party committee members and served as cadres in the cultural division of the local port authority.

Her 62.9 million followers on Weibo, China’s Twitter, rivals the total membership of the Communist Party.

Then, in the first week of July, she canceled a meeting with a production company, informing them that she had been placed under house arrest.

One night, amid the scandal, Fan went out to dinner with her best friend, the director Li Yu.

If you were to believe the Hong Kong tabloids, Fan’s brother Chengcheng is actually her illegitimate son. In fact, there was a set price for a night with her: 2 million yuan, or 0,000.

(They are 19 years apart.) Fan was said to have gotten her upper lip surgically enhanced, her chin shaved, the fat from her thighs removed. It said so in a booklet that supposedly lists the going rates of all other A-list actresses.

As they were driving home, Li recalled, Fan reached for her hand and held it tightly.

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