Chubby chaser dating troy

02-Jan-2020 16:50

She may never reach her weight that she was at when we got married. But I know something about her that I suspect is true about a lot of overweight women and men.

You see, a stereotype I often see and hear, especially from some here on CD, is that "fat people are stupid, lazy and full of excuses." It is simply not true. Fitness comes naturally to some and not so much to others. That is why some play in the NFL and others of us are fans.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads."Hi, my name is iknowftbll..." (Hi, iknowftbll! And I am a 'chubby chaser.'" That's right, I am a chubby chaser and proud of it.

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In the interest of keeping this short, I am not going to share every milestone on my journey of personal growth.

Suffice to say that I gradually warmed to the idea of dating bigger girls.

I often found myself thinking, "Maybe I'd enjoy that and be a happier person if that were the case." At any rate, one time a girl heard her say this.

This girl had a very pretty face, but was short and chubby.On one occasion I even had my choice of which girl I was going to go home with.