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28-Oct-2019 21:14

In Coda, sites are the equivalent of "projects" in many other applications like Text Mate.Each site has its own set of files, its own FTP settings, etc.Coda also recognises specially-formatted comment tags in many syntaxes, called bookmarks, which appear in a separate pane beside the editor called the Code Navigator.Bookmarks allow the user to jump to the corresponding line of text from anywhere in the editor by clicking on the link in the Code Navigator.The application is divided into six sections (Sites, Edit, Preview, CSS, Terminal, and Books), which are accessed through six tabs at the top of the application.Users can also split the window into multiple sections either vertically or horizontally, to access multiple sections or different files at the same time.The first step is to get hold of a local copy of the Git repositories you want to access.Duplicating a repository from a remote server is known as cloning, and you do this by pressing on the list of repositories.

What is known from Panic co-founder Steven Frank's blog is that Coda development started at Panic sometime in late 2005.

The same is true for Working Copy, and even though you will not need to work with the command-line, some understanding of Git is needed.

If you are not confident with Git's core concepts you should read the first few chapters of Pro Git by Scott Chacon or the excellent tutorials Atlassian has made available.

Coda incorporates a slimmed down version of the company's popular FTP client, Transmit, dubbed "Transmit Turbo".

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The Files portion is a regular FTP, SFTP, FTP SSL, and Web DAV client, where the user can edit, delete, create, and rename files and folders.

The concept for Coda came from the web team at Panic, who would have five or six different programs for coding, testing and reference.