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By Lynne \Ne\l Staff Writer The threat of University of California budget cuts and rumors of registration fee increases heve caused some UCLA students to wonder what undergraduate student government is doing to protect their interests. Young said UCLA will be able to deal with the 2 percent cut without creating any substantial harm to the present system because can laorge Deukmaiian has planned for next year (1983-84) because the big question is how we will be affected next year." The governor is scheduled to make public his 1983-84 bud^ proposal today7 — of provisions made last yeai". If there is gas or oil drilling, or if a Clinical Continued on Page 12 eiudish lantfuatfe denter • intensive english • small classes • conversation classes • private tutoring • U. -immigration '• certified, experienced approved ,,., V Instructors „r Hbe C^wkmrfor the Remearch and Trmatmtmmt of 'xia Nervosa ^"|,\c, S[l Of MS So SI? TO: ALL STUDENTS ^ FROM: DEAN OF STUDENTS ^rtki^^E: USE OF REGISTRATION CARD AND UCLA STUDENT IDENTIFICATION CARD All students are reminded that the registration card is issued to each student each quarter and is used in conjunction with the UCLA Student Identification Card as a means of identification for the use of all University services and participation in student activities. They must be presented upon request to establish official University identification, and must be surrendered uoon withdrawal or cancellation of registration TO: 4LL STUDENTS FROM: I^EAN OF STUDENTS RE: UCLA STUDFNT IDENTIFICATION CARD _Ih Js_4nanaatory viuoenf identification card with photo is issued m a ^ students first quarter of refidstration and is valid with the current registration card. California DMV ID Card The student identification card AND the current registration card are both required for all University services and student activities Cards are issued without charge to New or Re-entenng students from the first day of registration in person through the first week of classes In Fall terms, cards are issued adjacent to the enrollment area in Ackermarr Umon. Pro- spective committee members should sign up for an in- terview when submitting applications.

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"We want to come up with a document that reassesses and reaffirms the state's commit- ment to higher education — to look at its effects and what we feel the state is doing about it," Lurie said. "We are really very short oi space." Asked about his decisiotr to move the football team to the Rose Bowl, Young questloiied ll^ Wisdom of the contract that the Los Angidies Coliseum Commission signed with the Raiders. The next step in the licensing process is already complete with public notices posted oil campus to announce Servomation's request. 3 To inspect records maintained by the campus of disclosures of personally identifiable information from their student records: 4. UC Budget Director Larry Hirshman was in Sacramento Friday to be briefed on how UC will be affected by the 1982.-83 cuts and those planned for 1983-84, so the system can prepare for the economic situation.

, In an effort tp solve current staffing shortages, Lurie's of- fice has developed a peer group leaming^program for upper division classes that do not have enough teaching assistants to run discussion sections^ In the new program, the professor or lecturer gives study questions to groups of five to seven students that meet once a week. Young said be is "hopeful that there will be an increa in jwlary funding from the state, and said UCLA may su^ redirect money from other prc^ams to give the iiiculty raisesv ..■■,.. -'« 4 n«ws monday, January 10, 1983 Anothelh bid made to license Coop pub By Connie Guglietmo, Staff Writer A company contracted by ASUCLA has petitioned fair a license that would allow it to serve beer and wine in the Cooperage Pub, ASUCLA Executive Director Jason Reed said Friday. nat Ka* ertgrn, religi on , sex oi handicap and may contact the Dean of Students Oflice, 2224 Murphy Hall, for further information and procedures. Pointing out that last year's sweepstakes winner was not a Greek group and that the winning men's quartet was^a group of law students, Sann^ emphasized that even inexpe- , rienced students not affiliated with a campus group may sign up.

She noted that cuts on this and other UC campuses might require the transferring of tenured professors and shifts in staff. yg-A rate its salaries against a composite jwale that Includes figures from Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and the umversities of Michigan and Wisconsin. Students may complain of any action which they believe discnmmates .^gainst them on the ground of rac*,«ok)f. It resumed in 1978 after stopping in the mid-60s and has been held on campus for the last five years, Sann said.

He said the Coliseum con- t*ract, the much greater number of seats between the goal lines in the Rose Bowl and the proximity of the Coliseum to USC were all factors in his decision. City Editor Susan Steade can answer prospective new writers' questions J X^ ^ ,.t ..•'•' ' . • I C ..»" _«;ra L '■*• , ^,, — — - -•*»« T: \ i ^omeh fejj into p lace and on January 1, 1983 the UCLA Bru Th Toofbarr ^ Team became the 1 983 Rose Bowl Charrrpiohs by defeating Michugan ^4-14. , -MM^ GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS rr ^ail Garden MBA INFORMATION DAY '.f Vi m SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1983 : " TOWN & GOWN 11 a.m. INFORMATION TOURS SEMINARS Information -(213) 743377846 ^ CALL FOR NEW CUSTOMRS DISCOUNTS FILLS ^1 4" — NEW NAILS »8»o OFF ^MANICURE & PEDICURE too pretty to be support SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY SAVINGSI SUPPORT FOOTED TIQHT:ln Wack.and white. ^w T.'-T V, OOA,- ■■■ \ * i»-,r^»bs finds his future in the cards By Karen Goldberg Campus Parking Service employee Joseph Jacobs can do more than tell you where to park your car.

Packets for performing groups wishing to audition will be handed out at three informational meetings next week — Jan, 18 at 3 p Tm. Young predicted the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee will give "very serious consideration" to Bloom Coun ty GDODg} •M '^'^mi Mmummm^im ■ •• ».-• .♦« monday, January 10, T983 imws 5 moving as many events as possible out of the Coliseum because of the contract. Their performance will de- termine whether they will be hired as paid staff writers.

"A lot of the issues coming up in the Academic Senate are not only what programs are cut, but also what happens when they are cut,*' Lurie said. We need to provide an increase that is 16 percent across the board," Young said, explaining UCLA's pay lags that much behind salaries at some comparable schools. inrr^n^^ this year will result in significant losses of faeuii Ang the university hm b^n able to avoid thus £ar. Inquiries regarding the Unversity's equal opportunity policies in Employee-Related matters may \^ directed to Archie Klemganner (415) 642-3422 or the Campus Counsel, 2241 Murphy Hall, UCLA, or the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Health and Human -Servcies^ — _ , ^ , \ . During its tenure there, Ronald Reagan served as master of ceremonies six times.

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