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14-Feb-2020 22:45

Since half the population of Corvallis are college students, the housing market is far different than other cities.

The city has a home ownership rate of just 43.8%, which is nearly 20% less than the state average.

OSU was once primarily an agricultural college, but it now has more majors, minors, and special programs than any other university or college in Oregon.

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Bird lovers flock from far and wide to check out the birding hot spots in and around Corvallis, as well as nearby wildlife areas.Jon Krakauer (author of Into Thin Air) grew up there, UFC champion Randy Couture lived in Corvallis for some time, and former Major League Baseball second baseman Harold Reynolds went to high school there.Also, Carl Wieman—winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics—grew up there, and Ernest H.In other parts of America, “Beaver Fever” is a term for Giardiasis, a zoonotic parasitic disease caused by drinking contaminated water.

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In Corvallis, “Beaver Fever” is a condition that affects Oregon State University fans, as the Beaver is their mascot.

They drink craft beer, go birding, ride bikes, and invent new ways to commute to work.