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He wants Leonard to test it, but he does not want to kiss Howard.

Raj tries it and he and Howard engage in French "Internet kissing." Later, while Amy is playing "The Girl from Ipanema" on her harp, Sheldon knocks on the door and after Amy lets him in, he asks her to convince Penny to get rid of her chair.

Penny suddenly realizes what is going on and is upset at Amy for doing Sheldon's work. Amy immediately apologizes and asks Penny to stay friends with her.

To prove she is loyal to Penny, she sits on the chair, but finds something biting her "tushie".

That evening, Sheldon goes to Penny's to check on the chair.

She says she had it completely cleaned out, so he goes to sit on it; however, after he flicks a bug off his arm, loads of bugs start to crawl all over him.

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This episode first aired on Thursday, September 22, 2011 in a back-to-back with "The Skank Reflex Analysis".She says she found it on the curb outside and she paid a homeless guy to help bring it up.Sheldon completely freaks out and takes his clothes off to take a shower, but runs back home to his shower when he finds a wet band-aid on the floor of Penny's.Meanwhile, Leonard is starting to talk dirty to Priya on Skype again, until she informs him that her parents are with her and they stare at him sternly. (Penny tries to close door) As a man with a keen sense of style, I must tell you, that chair does not work with the room.

Outside the building, Howard and Raj find Penny's discarded chair out on the curb.

An argument between Sheldon and Penny over a chair she found in the street leaves Amy caught in the middle of it, while Leonard tries to spice up his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Priya.