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We don’t provide much in the way for them, but they have some access to some external sites, but nothing internal. How do you approach communicating with the folks who are above you in the organization?The board of directors, the people that you have to report to — how do you take care of translating that message when it comes to security and budgets and things like that?I graduated high school, joined the Navy, got into information security through data collection and data classification, and then after 20 years, retired. I did a little time over at the Joint Chiefs of Staff doing incident response for them. I was still living in Delaware and had a two-hour commute to Washington, D. Since that time, I’ve promoted up, and now I am the director of information security at Perdue Farms.: The contrast I see most is something actually kind of unfounded.

: With third-party risk, we look closely at the documentation that they have.

Working as a civilian in the private sector, it’s much less that and more of, okay, let me help you understand and kind of guide you toward understanding what cybersecurity is.

: Now, I’m certainly familiar with Perdue Farms, having grown up here in Maryland and taking trips to the eastern shore, to Ocean City, every summer as a child.

Those social media platforms have, in turn, shut down accounts they’ve determined are posting what they call “inauthentic content.” Researchers in Recorded Future’s Insikt Group have been analyzing these attempts at online influence operations and have published a report titled “Chinese State Media Seeks to Influence International Perceptions of Hong Kong Protests.” Priscilla Moriuchi is head of nation-state research at Recorded Future, and she joins us to share their findings.

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September 10, 2018 • Amanda Mc Keon Perdue Farms is a major U. agricultural business, best known for its processing of chicken, turkey, and pork, and is one of the nation’s top providers of grain.

You would drive by the Perdue Farms there, where chickens were raised.