Danica patrick she dating

21-Oct-2019 09:50

" Patrick responded enthusiastically, "I am." Explaining why she's not a Green Bay Packers fan and why she instead roots for the Chicago Bears, "We lived on the state line.So, I was born in Beloit, Wisconsin but we lived in South Beloit, Illinois." What about now, considering she's dating Rodgers?, Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 in 2008, making her the very first female winner in Indy Car racing history.Additionally, she is the only woman to have finished in the top three of an Indy 500 race., "I'd also like to have a cooking show, to help people learn how to cook healthily." Additionally, she'd enjoy traveling and attending concerts "on the side." Patrick's retirement goals sound amazing. However, it now seems she will also have to find room in her schedule to include Rodgers.

That said, there is one place where sports figures can all come together every year: the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards show.' He must think he's pretty special if he's [thinking he's] gonna do better than this." After almost five years of dating, Patrick and Stenhouse decided to go their separate ways at the end of 2017.The two NASCAR drivers are "no longer in a relationship," a spokeswoman for Patrick officially confirmed to , fans of the couple started wondering if there could be trouble in paradise when Patrick did not attend the NASCAR Awards with Stenhouse, who was honored at the event.Not only is Patrick incredible at her sport, but she's also an inspiration for women throughout the country.

, "I do have a desire to be myself and not have to feel like I've got to be so private." While Patrick and Rodgers are both very busy, their now-public budding relationship proves they can still make time for things like dating.I want to go out and win, I race everyone hard." While Patrick and Stenhouse were dating, Rodgers went on to get to know actress Olivia Munn.

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