Database not updating from stored procedures

20-Oct-2019 22:04

Change the name to verify that the update function works, and then delete the student to verify that the delete function works.The Entity Framework does not automatically run stored procedures such as stored procedure to retrieve the list of all courses.If it does not run then I'm not sure what your problem is.If it does run then it could be something simple like SQL is trying to query from the wrong database.Run the page to verify that it works as it did before.(Navigation properties of entities retrieved by a stored procedure might not be automatically populated with the data related to those entities, depending on default settings.The Entity Framework version 4 allows you to map just one or two of these functions to stored procedures without mapping the others, with one exception: if you map the update function but not the delete function, the Entity Framework will throw an exception when you attempt to delete an entity.In the Entity Framework version 3.5, you did not have this much flexibility in mapping stored procedures: if you mapped one function you were required to map all three.

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In this tutorial you'll create stored procedures in the database for inserting CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Insert Student] @Last Name nvarchar(50), @First Name nvarchar(50), @Enrollment Date datetime AS INSERT INTO dbo.In some cases a database administrator may require that all database access go through stored procedures for security reasons.In other cases you may want to build business logic into some of the processes that the Entity Framework uses when it updates the database.For more information, see Loading Related Objects in the MSDN Library.) In the next tutorial, you'll learn how to use Dynamic Data functionality to make it easier to program and test data formatting and validation rules.

Instead of specifying on each web page rules such as data format strings and whether or not a field is required, you can specify such rules in data model metadata and they're automatically applied on every page.

You can perform these kinds of tasks in a stored procedure that's called whenever the Entity Framework deletes an entity or updates an entity.