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Within a day I get a response in which he admits that he wasn't expecting me to reply.

Regards As soon as I see the email, I send a reply to say that I will do a post for him.

There's research that suggests that straight marriages are more stable when one spouse is more dominant, and I would suggest that a stable relationships means more long term happiness for both of the people involved. OK, so basically I would like to seek some advice from you on matters related to the heart. I have been with my boyfriend for many years now, maybe 20 years . I'm not sure why but somehow it just didn’t happen. I can't resist the temptation when guys come up to me, like in gym etc. I feel bad, but I don’t have any intimacy with my boyfriend anymore, and I have needs also. In some ways his story is very familiar because it's hard for all couples, gay or straight, to keep the passion going forever. Smart guy, because let's face it, these days my blog looks pretty dead!There are also a couple of emails from guys who found the sex lives with their boyfriends declining after only 6-7 years.

There is an Email from a gay American guy with relationship problems and then just 3 weeks after I posted that there was another Email from a gay guy with relationship issues.

However, perhaps the closest and most relevant email in my Dear GB "back catalogue" is the one titled Difficult conversations from ten years ago.