Dating a man with narcissistic personality disorder

21-Feb-2020 05:51

We’ve all tossed around the word "narcissist" to describe a self-absorbed person, especially when it comes to relationships of all kinds—romantic, familial, workplace, even friendships.

Maybe it’s an ex who constantly put his own needs and desires above yours, or maybe it’s a boss who continually cuts you off in meetings and takes credit for your accomplishments.

And if they achieve success in their lives, they often (happily) think others are jealous or envious of them, says Newman.

Ever go on a date with someone who ordered the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu, was super sweet and charming to you, and was totally condescending and rude to the server?

“They’d be the person that complains about how annoying their father is to someone who’s father just died.” On the flip side, people with NPD will often talk at length about their own troubles and believe that people genuinely care.

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This can present itself as being disrespectful to people who warrant a lot of respect, like authority figures or national heroes.They’re also the type of people who will make you bend over backwards to accommodate them and then act totally unappreciative.“You could plan an entire event around this one person’s schedule and then they might not even show up,” says Newman.This even plays a role in how they pick a romantic partner: Research shows that narcissists place more more importance on physical attractiveness and status than traits like being kind or caring.

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This is, in part, because when their partner looks good, it elevates their own self-image.“If they’re always taking advantage of you for money and never pay you back, you need to make it clear that those days are done,” says Newman.

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