Dating after divorce what not to do

03-Mar-2020 01:52

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New toys are fun, but remember: the endorphin rush it gives you is fleeting.

You have every right to be melancholy, but don’t let those feelings consume you completely.

details of your divorce so publicly, especially if your social media following includes old high school friends, casual acquaintances who barely know either of you, and, heaven forbid, your children’s teachers.

As much as you may want a clean break, it’s never going to be that easy.

Not that you need to shield them from what’s happening—a little honesty is always a good idea—but it’s unfair to make them choose between parents.

Let them know that you both love them equally, and your divorce doesn’t mean they need to pick an allegiance.

It’s a mark of maturity, and it’ll make both of your lives easier.

Even if it wasn’t a monumental waste of time—what exactly makes you think you have the power to change anyone’s feelings about another person? It won’t save your marriage or make you feel any better about how it ended.

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What I also notice is that I don’t seem to hear any/as many happy stories about people (like me) who were married 20-25 years, got divorced, and then found happiness/ marriage, etc again. I have always believed that 50’s is in fact, no-man’s land, whether you are single, married, divorced or widowed, the reason being that you aren’t really young anymore, but you aren’t old either. I am me and all I can do is live life to my potential. The thing that bothered me most about your email is this part: You write: “found happiness/marriage etc. Jackie Pilossoph is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of Divorced Girl Smiling.