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She said her coaches at Lakewood Ranch and University Park constantly encourage members to take something away from events like All Out Mayhem — they ask, “What did you learn? ” Not only are the workouts meant to be challenging, they’re also meant to be fun, especially when you consider the element of surprise. We’re more immobile than ever – losing touch with real life and the person you want to spend it with.

As with each Orangetheory workout, you never know what you’re going to get until you step inside your studio doors. 3 children, 4 jobs, and 20 pounds later, you start to regret that trip you never took, the beautiful sunrise you never saw, the workout you never tried. After his 20-year marriage seemingly ended, Bret knew that he had turned a blind eye to what mattered most in his own life – his wife, Faith.

While no two workouts are ever the same, All Out Mayhem was created to throw down challenges that will get participating members to test their limits.

But it’s a challenge for coaches, too, added Caitlin.

Not only is 30 minutes of walking a day enough to improve mood, promote weight loss and decrease risk for chronic disease[1], paired with the accountability of Orangetheory’s coaches and fellow members, it can also turn you into an accidental athlete capable of doing things you never thought possible — like finish a marathon.

That’s the intention of Orangetheory programming, according to workout design manager Caitlin Donato.

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So hurry and join the one-hour, science-backed, technology tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to maximize results before special pre-opening rates end. Fitness challenges at Orangetheory Fitness come in all shapes and sizes.Contact us for these rates or any inquiries you may have. Some, like Dri-Tri and Marathon, are challenges for all levels — a call to push members a bit harder and further than they ever thought possible.