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24-Feb-2020 01:15

If she would have let him ask her out on a second date, she would know that he was interested in seeing her again because he initiated the action.

Instead of putting him on the spot at the end of their first date.

Would I like to see dating roles updated to 21st-century standards? But unfortunately, for now, in order to navigate today’s dating scene and meet someone, we must remember the prehistoric systems that come into play. Why should we have to wait and worry if he will call? Unfortunately for everyone, dating doesn’t follow 2019 protocols.

For instance, the man should be the pursuer of the relationship. Because some of the biggest problems I hear women complain about is, “Is he seriously interested in me? But all those questions can be easily answered without immediately making plans with him for the next several dates, Most men aren’t going to communicate their deepest feelings on the first few dates. So if a woman at the end of a first date, asks him out for a second date, he will usually just say yes because he feels pressured or doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, not because he is imagining you in your wedding dress walking toward him.

” Nowhere does this wisdom ring truer than in the dating realm.

But if you do not allow him to initiate action, you have nothing to observe.

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Because people are so individual it would seem like you couldn’t possibly assume all of these women were struggling with the same problem in their love lives.

But after speaking with many of them, I realized that not all of them, but a significant number of them were actually dealing with very similar issues in their dating histories.

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