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We’ll dive into 3 reasons to love this season well, a big (and I mean BIG!) workbook exercise on gratitude, and so much more.She now braves the Minnesota winter each year because she is madly in love with her Minnesotan husband and wants to raise her baby Mary (and the siblings to come) near family.She is part of I Believe in Love because when you truly fall in love, and love well, you and your partner make each other shine.I used to sit in my parked car outside my apartment and cry every once in a while.I have a terrible sense of direction, I really don’t like city driving, and I hate showing up to places alone.Then everyone would see: I a catch, which was why I wasn’t going to be snatched up by just anybody.Sometimes, in the midst of the frustrations and feelings of rejection during the dating years, it’s hard to believe that relationship status has nothing to do with a your worth.

How to Learn to Love this Season: In this section, you’ll get practical steps on how you can soak in this season like it’s the best thing that’s happened to you—designing a life that you love.How to Make a Single Life Bucket List: Okay, so we’re being present in this season, right?Get your pencils out: Together we’ll come up with tangible, actionable things that you can do as a single woman to truly start living this season to the full. And I’ve got something to say about it if you’ve worried that too! 7 Community Building Techniques: We’re created in the image of an intensely relational God, and when we fully embrace that, we see more of Him!You, single girl, are beautiful and worth someone’s wait.

You, single guy, are the end of one sincere heart’s ardent search for love. You Two years ago, I did marry the most amazing person I’ve ever met.

But then I would fix my eye makeup, put myself back together, and be on my way.