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19-Jan-2020 17:39

They know how to raise and teach them, how to feed them and how to make them happy - seriously, Russians are just the best moms in the world!

There are two types of mail order bride seekers: those who are looking for one-night stands or for sugar babies, and those who need forever loyal partners.

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They don't cheat and they don't usually accept divorce as an option (even if something has gone wrong, they always try to fix it).

The reason is quite simple — traditional Russian culture dictates traditional female roles (raise and teach children, clean, cook, etc.). It's one of the greatest things about any Russian mail order bride.

That's why Russian girls are the best choice for every western man who is looking for a strong family. They all just can't imagine their lives without children.

The thing is, average salaries in Russia and Ukraine are about 0-0 (except the salaries in the biggest cities like Moscow).

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The situation becomes worse — thus, while the USA citizens haven't heard the word "crisis" since 2008, Russians have been hearing it for the last 5 years.Russian men prefer living together (and thus getting all the advantages) without marriage.