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12-Nov-2019 00:30

The viral trend has seen social media users use the Face App app to create realistic transformations of what their faces could look like in old age.

Many social media users have posted doctored images of themselves and celebrities such as Egyptian footballer Mohammed Salah using the hashtag #Face App.

Their grandchildren may not be raised Muslim and could grow up without any religion at all.

Some also fear repercussions with respect to the social perception of their family by other members of the Muslim community.

Seeking to effectively navigate religious rules prior to and throughout an interfaith marriage can cause great tension, requiring education, accommodation, and mindful decision-making on the part of the couple and their extended families.

Many Muslim parents with adult children considering marrying outside of their faith fear that their son or daughter may abandon their faith.

Muslim Intermarriage Law The Qur’an recommends that Muslim men marry Muslim women, but says that they may also marry Jews and Christians (1; 5:5).

According to Islamic Law (Shariah), if a Muslim man wishes to marry a non-Muslim woman other than a Christian or a Jew, the woman must convert to Islam.

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She will be expected not to share her faith with her children which, if she happens to be Roman Catholic, may conflict with her religious requirement to raise her children in her faith.

An Islamic scholar has condemned a social media trend that has swept the Middle East and much of the world, arguing it goes against the religion.