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17-Feb-2020 14:27

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When his enhanced akumas like Chameleon, or more correctly Lila Rossi, as well as frontal attack of his akumatized army failed, Hawk-Moth changed his strategy into attrition warfare.

They were not really evil people, rather exhibitionists in need to bother their neighborhood with trivial personal petty quarrels and insignificant troubles.

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Difficulties during training and/or work may occur if the handler didn’t have time to train with the police dog, and because of a lack of proper knowledge of working with dogs, may have ruined the dog’s training.During the K9 police test, we will be teaching how to properly pass it through all the different disciplines.We have real-world practice with both military and police K9’s.A K9 officer and his or her dog, should undergo lessons in maintaining the police dog normative once a week.

A K9 handler and a police dog improve their work per Shutzhund dog training, tracking training, bomb detection, and K9 tactics.

K9 dogs are expected to perform well in various situations, such as finding a suspect through smell, protecting its handler, finding hidden objects in a 150’x150′ area, knowing how to respond when under fire, and detecting explosives and narcotics.