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03-Nov-2019 15:44

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You like your guy a lot, and then you start to notice a relationship milestone that pops up in your mind like many women encounter when dating men: Why isn’t he introducing me to those close to him?Before you panic and start asking your boyfriend why he hasn’t introduced you to anyone, you need some relationship advice before a bigger problem develops.Sort of like at some point there was no Valentine’s Day, and now there is the business-creation Hallmark Cards/Florist/Chocolates Valentine’s Day to prod women to expect love celebration on February 14.Your victim-expectation goes: if the bf isn’t bringing the Valentine’s stuff, then-surely-he-doesn’t-love-you.A great boyfriend won’t bite because to do so he agrees that you are going to be a victim if he doesn’t serve up.If you are okay with the relationship and then out of the blue, and tied to a societal belief that “he should be doing ____,” that sort of pressure on a guy to accommodate your dating milestones isn’t going to feel fair to him. I know the urgency of looking for those social-proof signs he’s in a relationship with you to the detriment of all the great things he is doing right.

For me, it’s about trusting yourself first and knowing that if your intuition is going off like a five alarm bell, you’ll exit to safety.

One minute you were fine and the next minute you weren’t.

I propose that sudden flip-flopping derives from a victim-expectation that you’ve given meaning to which becomes a requirement from you for him to satisfy.

Or if he doesn’t let you meet his friend that means he’s having an affair.

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Or if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing to meet you to do something, you dramatically assure yourself and him he has ruined your day. You realize that an external socialized marker such as introductions to your bf’s inner circle may not be what society has it cracked up to be.

If you scour the Internet there are lots of advocates of just that.