Dating someone with lots of debt

03-Feb-2020 22:54

I was fortunate enough to graduate college with very little debt.I went to a public university in California and although tuition has skyrocketed lately, the cost wasn’t overly outrageous at the time.But are poor financials a big enough reason to eliminate someone as a potential mate? Now, I usually don’t write about press releases or surveys that I get sent, but I thought this one was fun, and also pretty interesting.

The same can’t be said about all couples though, when is the right time to ask how much student debt or debt in general your partner has?My fiancee was in the same boat but she chose to attend graduate school after college.We’ve been dating for 9 years so I knew all along that we would be incurring big time debt to pay for her graduate studies.One was incredibly bad with his money, and didn’t seem to think it was an issue. But there are definitely big differences in the type of debt that someone has.

For example, maybe you’d date someone that had ,000 in credit card debt, but had a plan to be debt-free within a year. Would you date someone with 0,000 in student loans, knowing that their debt would likely have a significant effect on the timing of buying a house, getting married, having children, travel, etc?I think it’s a good idea to broach the topic before things get too serious (before moving in, taking vacations together, etc).