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Police agents also arrested three (3) bicycle transporters among the victim's colleagues for throwing stones at the police after their colleague's murder.

Sos-Torture/Burundi fears for the safety of this member of civil society.

divided by a white diagonal cross into red panels (top and bottom) and green panels (hoist side and fly side) with a white disk superimposed at the center bearing three red six-pointed stars outlined in green arranged in a triangular design (one star above, two stars below); green symbolizes hope and optimism, white purity and peace, and red the blood shed in the struggle for independence; the three stars in the disk represent the three major ethnic groups: Hutu, Twa, Tutsi, as well as the three elements in the national motto: unity, work, progress This vegetation anomaly satellite image distinguishes healthy and drought-withered vegetation ringing Lake Victoria.

Regions that are drier than normal are brown, while areas with thicker, healthier vegetation are green.

These forced contributions are in addition to other amounts required from the population for the 2020 elections or other activities.

They further impoverish the population, which has no choice but to face reprisals if they are refused.

In large swaths of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya dark brown stressed areas prevail.

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Burundi has been blessed with female figures who have distinguished themselves in various fields: sport, academia, fashion, tourism, humanitarianism and music among others.Among the victims was an unidentified young woman whose lifeless body was found floating in a river.

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