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02-Mar-2020 18:20

She is on a mission to help you create epic LOVE in your life.Learn how to heal your heart, flirt, change your negative beliefs and find the real love that you are looking for!

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It never stops Leaving your negative thoughts where they are will leave you unhappy. Your mind is not the all-mighty authority that runs your life. Challenging yourself will help you love yourself and get what you want! ” She used her own spirit’s name and not the name of a Goddess from a card. And then, on your way home, you get stuck in traffic, and you pick up some Chinese takeout, and when you get home, you discover they gave you wheat noodles instead of rice noodles. Let’s try a different approach to the toe stubbing or anything that rubs you the wrong way it is part of the heart healing process of becoming a Goddess— Tapping into your feminine essence. I don’t think he meant the action of stubbing your toe, but your re-actions about it. And I certainly didn’t know how to fully love myself. It was great for everyone else, and I could shower someone else with praise. I had to stand in the middle and let people hold me up when I was feeling like a fraud. Then the leader of the day stood in the center of the circle with her arms outspread, and she said, “I am Goddess Elyssa! But the easiest way to be a Goddess that men adore is to be true to yourself first. To top it all off, your boss loads you up with yet another report due on Monday, the same day as your presentation.The ironic thing about being a man magnet is the fact that you don’t need one. In reality, planning your next move not only makes you feel phony, but it’s pretty obvious on his end as well.

Spend your days loving your Goddess self and you’ll attract men like crazy. To get him to think of you constantly, you need to love yourself completely.

I now have these Goddess oracle cards and LOVE THEM and I think you will too. I was still trying to embrace my wants and needs and didn’t feel connected in any way to Goddess Brigit, or maybe I wasn’t connected to my own inner Goddess. So for our homework before the retreat, we were supposed to research the history of our Goddess to share with the other women, and I hadn’t done much research. Whatever Goddess things work for you keep them around, and what doesn’t serve you, ditch it.

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