Dating your wife while separated

14-Feb-2020 01:58

It is so easy to give up but if your marriage is worth saving and you really want to repair a shattered marriage, you have to make a promise to yourself that you will save your marriage.

Repairing a marriage is not an overnight thing, you have to work on it every day and there are times that you may find it tiring and difficult.

Everything that comes with a relationship can be counted — in years, losses, gains, money, friends, family.

Five months after our pledge, and six months into our separation, my husband called.

We agreed to meet for dinner in my suburban town one July night. We politely bantered back and forth about how each of us ended up middle-aged and single. He told me he practiced Buddhism, and he said at a few points that I had good energy. The small spark that ignited the changes that have transformed me into someone who is divorced on every level from my ex-husband, who is happy being single and dating and has no desire to ever be married again.

(Not my type.) But eventually one stood out — a 59-year-old IT guy from Manhattan. We sat at a table by the door, across from a misplaced water sculpture. She was "very successful." He told me where she worked. As my date continued to talk about his daughter, I half-listened. He continued to tell me that, "about three or four years ago, when she was around 36 — she's 40 now, and will be 41 in December," she asked him how he would feel about her "dating a man who was almost his age."I nodded, while swirling my scallop in sauce. " I asked him, fully expecting him to answer with, "No, it's Karen." Or Danielle. I was scolded for not picking up the tab after rejecting a second date. And in those three years, I've come to believe that the one and only date delivered to me through fate was my 59-year-old e Harmony IT (Buddhist) guy from Manhattan. He was a vessel of knowledge and insight — a karmic gift that ultimately added up to more than I knew.

Making a promise to yourself is important for you to be strong and not give up every time you find it difficult to repair a shattered marriage.

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By making a list, you will have a bigger picture of your performance as a spouse.

We often threatened to end it, but we were all words, no action. Without much effort on my part, and without yearning, men (more than I can count) just wanted to connect.

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