Diamond chris mob lil scrappy dating

20-Sep-2019 04:14

Diamond and Lil Scrappy aren't even together anymore.

He's been dating the singer Brooke Valentine, for those who may have forgotten she's the one who made the smash hit "Girlfight" On the Southeast(Zone 3) side of Atlanta Georgia.

But they have expanded into most 1st world countries and participate in the vices such as gambling, prostitution and extortion.

And recently, Scrappy has taken it upon himself to shut down any false claims that people have been making in reference to what he and Diamond had going on with each other.

I heard he was affiliated with the Gangster Disciples but I highly doubt it....

Lil Scrappy is from Atl too and he's a real Gangster Disciple...other than that other Gd rappers from the south are......

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In an interview with , Scrappy said that he was informed that Momma Dee and Erica Dixon, Scrappy’s mother and baby’s mama were the reason why Diamond quickly fled to the exit door and decided not to continue on with the show: “I heard that my mom was on the show and my baby mom was on the show, two people who she don’t care to like. She think that they were gone get into it or they were gone fight or something like that”His mama clearly isn’t afraid to speak her mind and get it poppin’ from what we’ve seen.

Kelly protege’ and rumored to have once been dating (or simply “doing”) Mickey “Memp Hitz” Wright (aka Toya Wright‘s husband). Michelle’s label deal with Jive Records, signing her to the label a few years ago through his Hitz Committee imprint.