Do online dating sites really work

04-Feb-2020 09:12

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So for all the guys out there who have tried out these sites, were these really effective in the sense that you met a lot of other different people? But if I had the chance again, I would do it all over again!

One day I will probably use a dating website again, but for right now I am still healing from losing my ex.

The problem was the person who I was with was in NO WAY a good match for me.

She had some major anger issues that I learned the hard way.

I've been hearing stories where the male-to-female ratio for most of these sites are about 7 to 1.

Even worse, most male posters seem to get little or no responses at all. I met the woman of my dreams on a dating website, we were together for 6 wonderful years, but I screwed it up.

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Online dating no email required

I dont understand it myself but, I keep sending winks and emails hoping to find someone to connect with.Now I find I get better emails from potential matches on Yahoo removed this time around has been disappointing, so far, lots of profiles who've emailed me or viewed my profile or winked who are display red flags they aren't looking to do anymore than play on the pc.Very interesting, so far, I've only been on 2 dates, I get people who email me but many I feel are playing online & are looking for a penpal.

Some have emailed me expressing interest, & when I send a reply, often I never geta reply back, leading me to believe many are contacting many people at once or suddenly realize they aren't interested?

The dating pool in NJ I think is a dry old well filled with sand.

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