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11-Oct-2019 00:13

Office A appears to be fine It's a strange one as the policy shows in KSC10 as having been enforced on most of the computers.I have checked a few that have supposedly pulled down the policy and cannot see the exclusion rules or trusted apps that I added.Further to that, I have tried to allow tightvnc the ability to interact with the endpoint application(So that I can click the Support/Licence buttons and start manual scans etc), but those settings are not pulled down either.So far I have configured a firewall rule between both sites that enables access via all the ports listed on; have uninstalled the client, rebooted and reinstall, but no luck there either.We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better.By using and further navigating this website you accept this.I also have another 20 devices on 1.247.553 def from yesterday, which dont report any newer.

My emails come in through Web.com's webmail which I just added to Outlook 2016.no updates needed"All clients on the network are running either win10 1607 or 1703, all have the same engine version.