Forum dating married man

27-Oct-2019 17:33

If you're going to tell me what an ass i am for doing this, i already know that so you don't need to post. On the one hand, when I withdraw, she seems to be jealous and sad and chases me. There's millions of women you could bang/date, but you're focused on this one, who won't even leave her husband for you. I had a friend who went through the same exact scenario you're going through. Wound up in prison on something unrelated and more of a freak incident. You have oneitis and you think it is excusable because you have oneitis for a married woman. People fall in love when the presence of the other is taken away and they building up a magical reality around their own in order to include that person.So part of me wants to say "yeah, see ya when you finally sort your deal out...hasta manana". Such a reality is a sum of the past and the good times spent together along with their lack of abundance mentality which clouds their judgment.I bet you 10 bucks she didn't tell her husband she is confused.It is not a fair battle, she is giving you the intel for a reason.

She told me how close she was to leaving her husband and how much in love she is with me, and It could be she isn't ready yet...women luv to rip the bandaid off slowly on all things; why should this be an exception. As always, if she puts a shit cooley and ignore her. Real Niggas never die." - cdr Follow the Rustler on Twitter | Telegram: Cattle Rustler Game is the difference between a broke average looking dude in a 2nd tier city turning bad bitch feminists into maids and fucktoys and a well to do lawyer with 50x the dough taking 3 dates to bang broads in philly. Do you really want to be married to her or do you want to keep having sex with her? Also, don't forget, she may just be using you and will leave in a heartbeat. So what is stopping her from cheating on you while you are away and she's at home? See, i used to think she was a good girl and wanted to be with her.

It works in pennystocks and it works here as well, pump and dump.

I've seen this movie before bro The evil truth is she will string you along for now until you wisen up IF in fact she is as crazy about you as you are for her then it really on comes down to a choice on her part You vs Her current lifestyle One more evil truth: She CAN/WILL replace you But she can't necessarily replace her current lifestyle Comfort trumps Cock You are correctly observing my confusion.

I just don't understand why some guys want drama and unnecessary shit in their life.

You have 88 posts and 1 rep point, but I'm smelling something a little off here...The more I've gotten to know her...well, I'm reminded of the old saying, "You lose 'em like you find 'em". Anyway, here's the game question: She's playing a bit of a shit test by telling me "I'm confused..I'm with you, I'm so in love with you and I see myself leaving Bob but then when you leave town it's like I slip back to my old routine and I'm just confused what to do" [Translation: "It's really nice having both of you at my beck and call... What you're doing right NOW isn't making her want to leave her husband, so where's the logic in thinking that if you spend MORE time with her that'll suddenly make her leave him? If she gets jealous then you are doing something right. Look, some of you guys are gonna tell me I'm an a-hole for doing this, and some of you will tell me I'm nuts for even trying b/c the girl is a garden variety slut who will eventually do the same to me, but here goes: I've gotten involved with a married woman who lives in a nearby city. " See, i don't want to vanish altogether - i still want that ass. If she doesn't then you have your answer and why waste anymore time with her? I think DG would help you too actually; you need a bit of space to come to your senses on this one.