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CATEGORIES Civil Registration Immigration Societies, Clubs, NGOs National Registration Education Health, Medicals Trade Local Authorities, Counties Tourism Agriculture Customs Services (KRA)Youth Affairs Communications Livestock Children Affairs Domestic Taxes (KRA)Business, Companies Energy Wildlife Foreign Affairs Standards Financial Sector Fisheries Culture & Heritage Police Cooperatives Water, Irrigation Foresty Land, Plots Politics Vehicle Registration Roads & Public Works Environment Housing Parastatal Forms Industrial Property, ©, ™Transport & Motor Vehicles Minerals Sports Public Service This form is used to apply for a birth certificate of a newly born baby.Birth registration is the process of registering a child’s birth and this is the first right of any child after birth.If not, the applicant, states cause of death and certify as the informant that information given is correct to the best of their knowledge.

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It is parents and guardians who are qualified to apply for a birth certificate on behalf of children below the age of consent. - The sex of the child (Whether male or female) - The type of birth (i.e. the name, age, marital status, the previous births and the area/district the mother resides in. We strive to keep the forms up-to-date, otherwise check with the relevant public office. Telephone: 2542222022 Fax: 2542230939 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Or check the 'Drop Zone' tab in the menu bar above. This is registration of birth of Kenyan citizens occurring outside Kenyan territorial boundaries.

Though, this class of Kenyans have the option of becoming citizens of two countries should their country of birth have laws allowing for dual citizenship for their citizens which is, however, not recognized by the Kenyan constitution or opt to be citizens of their countries of their birth.

In support of this kind of registration, the parents of the child must produce both their passports in addition to the foreign certificate of birth in English translation if it is not in English language issued by the country of birth.

If the birth does not take place in a hospital or is not presided over by a community health worker, the parents are expected to report the birth of their child to the nearest government office or government health centre to register the child as soon as possible after birth.

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The department of Civil Registration provides an application form for the issuance of death certificate.These include the full names of the deceased, age, sex, occupation, exact place and country of death, deceased normal residence in Kenya.