Graeme smith dating

27-Nov-2019 01:18

See her tweet below: In a statement released on Monday, Graeme now tells his side of the story:"Over the past six months, I have remained largely silent on my relationship on my pending divorce from Morgan.I have been consistent in asking that privacy be respected, especially given that there are two young children involved.Morgan must account for her own behaviour in breaking agreements, posting false information and attempting to sway public opinion.I will continue to focus on my children’s happiness and well-being.Taking to Twitter, she revealed that Graeme has been granted custody of their two children, and that he had taken their passports to prevent her from leaving the country with them.The couple announced their split in February this year after 4 years of marriage.Morgan appears not to like the contents of this report, or its recommendations.

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I have been unpleasantly surprised that a number of media have chosen simply to repeat verbatim what she has said on social media without apparent consideration that firstly they may not be true and secondly, that they may be doing harm to our children.

While I have and will remain considered in my responses and will continue to refuse to disclose the true nature of what is currently transpiring, what I will not tolerate is any suggestion that I am not a good father.

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