How long have britney spears and jason trawick been dating

24-Oct-2019 14:33

Ya gotta love her – Britney Spears took to her twitter to send th F! you message above to her haters, her ex Jason Alexander, Star Magazine and Radaronline.

Yesterday Star Magazine had her on the over with an interview with Jason Alexander, Britney’s ex.

Britney claims the interview is a lie and the audio is not her.

Britney’s lawyer is threatening to sue the pants off everyone involved.

Less than a month after firing Jason Trawick as her manager but retaining him as her lover, Britney Spears did not seem to be enjoying her time with him yesterday. Britney Spears and Jason Trawick were supposedly broken up last month. Then they were friends with benefits, or kind of off and on. If there's one way to woo a trailer park beauty, it's with frozen yogurt and Mc Donald's.

Wearing an almost constant scowl on her face while taking her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston to Santa Monica Pier, one wonders if there's trouble in paradise. For Britney Spears, it was just a question of which aspect of her relationship with Jason Trawick to cut out of her life. We seen her at the latter a ton, but most recently, it was time for a cool treat.

As we first revealed to you here on Gossiping Pens, Britney Spears and fiance Jason Trawick’s split was imminent. Anyway, Cooper is not going to taint his first (and probably last) Oscar nomination with the likes of Britney and her issues and her linebacker neck. Yeah my comments were full of TYPOS but that aside what a think is attractive in a women is my damn business. Britney maybe not be the most talented or smartest entertainer in HW most she's the most personable and kind hearted for sure.

Now, TMZ is confirming what we already knew was coming – that the couple have called it quits. Bradley is gay, a total bottom, and loves his big dicked daddies. In any event, Bradley Cooper would touch Britney Spears with your ten foot pole.[quote] In any event, Bradley Cooper would touch Britney Spears with your ten foot pole. Ah, Jennifer Lawrence, that's a perfect pr pairing and with any luck she'll get along with the man he's really dating. And yes I will admit that she MIGHT have a few mental issues so the conservatorship is more of a way to protect her interest.

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Furthermore there was an audio released which was said to have been Britney speaking to Jason making the accusations.

It appears on the surface, facilitating Britney Spears mental illness is more profitable than the star getting better and in control of her own life.

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