Key to dynamic dating

16-Feb-2020 09:08

Note that although you inserted both the current date and time into the cells, these values will never change.

To insert dynamic dates, you need to use Excel’s built-in functions.

Excel has some built in shortcuts to make adding the current date and time a quick chore.

Suppose you have a new Excel worksheet open and you want to start adding some data that is tied to today’s date.

To insert a dynamic date stamp into Excel, enter the following formula into any cell: Excel will instantly put the current date into that cell.

Every time you open the workbook or make a new calculation, Excel will update the cell to the current date.

Many people often use Excel to keep track of inventory, invoices, income/expenses, and a variety of other uses that require statically recording the date and time.And thanks to our Ambassadors, we make them available to every Catholic and parish for free.