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I felt this real sense of responsibility to Kym and to the character and to the show.I just wanted to do the best job I could for everyone." Banas explained that Libby is a strong woman with a lot of energy and she tried to keep the essence of the character in her portrayal.When she is threatened by a thief, Karl is convinced the job is not safe, but she goes back to work there.She leaves for a cadetship at the Erinsborough News.In 2008, Valentine was forced to take sick leave for one month and executive producer, Susan Bower, made the decision to temporarily recast Mc Leod's Daughters actress Michala Banas in the role for a month.Valentine took leave from Neighbours in 2010 due to ill health and returned to the set in January 2011.The writers embraced that and showed how Susan's decision divided the community, and has potential to divide the family".

In 2005, Valentine took the lead role of Baby in Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage at the Theatre Royal, Sydney.However, she said that the only way she could "tackle" the role was to make Libby her own.Libby's relationship with Darren Stark (Todd Mac Donald) comes to an abrupt end after he kisses Janae Timmins (Eliza Taylor-Cotter), but Libby soon finds romance again with Daniel Fitzgerald (Brett Tucker).Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne were cast as her on-screen parents and Benjamin Mc Nair and Jesse Spencer were cast as her two brothers.

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Of her comeback Valentine said "I really felt like I was coming home and it was very easy to slip back into the role of Libby, she's like an old friend.

She was set to reprise her role when the production moved to London's West .