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30-Dec-2019 16:30

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I brought him his favorite sweet coffee in bed on the weekends, made lunch for his workdays and often sneaked in a treat and did a drawing on the lunchbox. I occasionally just sprung up to cuddle him, and I bought him little gifts all the time.

I send him sweet texts during the day, asked how he had been, and listened to his complains about coworkers.

Those are just my individual feelings towards relationships though, based on my own needs.

Autism is such a huge spectrum that it's impossible for me to generalize whether or not I'd date someone with the syndrome.

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On the other hand, I find it very difficult to deal with some traits of autism and it would have to be a very empathetic and emotionally intelligent/insightful person to sway me to date them. I now have children who I pour most of my emotional energy into.However, this guy very clearly could not read my cues and because of that, I would be very hesitant in dating someone with autism or Asperger's in the future. If he's relatively well-adjusted, can handle emotional times in a relationship, doesn't depend on me for his sole friendship or means of support, works or attends classes (or both), has interests and minimises his perseverations when talking about them -- that's fine.