List of filipina dating scammers

16-Dec-2019 21:04

The situation is improving but this issue will not be resolved overnight. It is not uncommon for some women to have 10 or more foreign guys sending them money on a regular basis from their home country because they believe they are the love of her life and they think they are the one and only.First of all, I would like to shoot down the myth that every Filipina is willing to have a relationship or marry any foreigner who is available, regardless of their age, or is willing to even marry a foreigner in the first place! I think the computer and the internet is one of the most marvelous inventions to meet filipinas but let's face reality. The internet is being used every second to scam someone out of their money!However, the one they should blame the most is not often blamed and that person is none other than themselves!The woman did not put a gun to their heads to rob them and she did not hack into their bank accounts to steal their money.An American friend, Jerry, met a very beautiful lady, Marla, in Manila and she was originally from Pangasinan, Philippines.Yes, I met her personally and she was not only beautiful but she spoke perfect English and she was really so charming in all aspects.He had also helped several of Marla's relatives during an alleged financial crisis.

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Philippine dating scams are a fact and it's something that every foreigner should be aware of.Do you remember the words to the old song, “Looking for love in all the wrong places?