Long dating before becoming exclusive Free sex chat to meet up

27-Jan-2020 04:23

But I wouldn’t be going on a dates with two people at once anyway and the people I dated were similar so it made sense. We didn't really date as such, we hung out, went to the cinema, had dinner, slept together, were exclusive from day one, didn't talk about it, it was just assumed that after the natural transition from friend-with-benefits to an item that we wouldn't be seeing other people.We knew each other for a couple months and of that were seeing each other for about a month until we became exclusive.When I was younger I’d get with someone quickly, but now I’m older, got a career, home all the adult things lol!I feel like relationships should reflect this a bit more and be a bit more mature.I'm enjoying it because it is making our friendship so much stronger, and they feel comfortable this way right now.I may feel like I one day will want more, but I'm keeping my feelings inside (when I talk to them) and being patient, because I believe they're worth waiting for.

I know it’s a personal choice but just interested to know how long people dated or knew each other before getting together officially/ exclusively, would just like a general idea on how others do it ☺️ It really depends on the people, every couple moves at different paces.Stayed up all night chatting and he brought up the so what is this convo and said he’d not talked to anyone else (as in meeting other girls) since we met so is kinda being exclusive himself as far as I can tell.

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