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01-Dec-2019 06:56

I thought I was going to see bubbles and sparkles and roses sorta deal.

I was pretty "WHOA'd" out so i havent been on NEW Grounds since.

When I got back I realized I didn't have enuff space on my flashdrive and could only bring home 1 version. Ok I'll C wut I can do bout getting the Mac version up 2day! ) my first playthrough, and then I got one of Sato's Endings. Keeves's appearance and Polar's extremely ripped abs scared me, though, and Jaja's speech was a little hard to understand at first, but then I got used to it. Though I don't think I like the use of copyrighted songs in it, but that's just me.

I was a little scared of Marlain when I first saw him, since he had such wide, child-bearing hips and beautiful nails, too. p/s: I kept my sanity by putting my name as Miria while playing the game.

Students can change classes by competing using the Examination Summons Battle system or ESB.

Students summon characters with their equivalent test mark scores and use them to compete with other classes.

Love You has a panel from volume 8, chapter 53, where the protagonist's sister, Yayoi, mentions that the subterranean section of the house looks like Nerv.

I've always been a fan of visual novels and dating sims. XD It all sounded really good when you said it was like Clannad and Key and I was getting all excited... lol) you'll feel like your playing a Girl pursues Boy game.

The mindset served me well Welcome to insanity-land, illuminate001.

I'm glad to hear that you survived your Newgrounds experiences without saying, "That was such fanboy trash.

Burn Up W, a 4 episode OVA release starting in April of 1996.

Although it was released the same year the Evangelion TV Series was aired, in episode 2, Nanvel produces a robot named "El Heggunte'" which is very obviously a reference to Evangelion Unit-01.

I went on Newgrounds and was playing this dating sim. (I remembered her sign and beat up her ex boyfriend.