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In September, the pilot episode of the short-lived TV series It's Your Move aired.

Phoenix was cast as Brian and only had one line of dialogue.

Although Phoenix rarely talked about the cult, he was quoted by Arlyn Phoenix in a 1994 Esquire article as having said "They're disgusting, they're ruining people's lives." Arlyn and John eventually grew disillusioned with the Children of God; Arlyn would later tell a journalist that she and her husband were opposed to the group's practice of "Flirty Fishing", stating: "The group was being distorted by the leader, David Berg, who was getting powerful and wealthy. No way." In the late 1970s, River's family moved in with Arlyn's parents in Florida.

The family officially changed their name to Phoenix, after the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes, symbolizing a new beginning.

In 1980, Phoenix began to fully pursue his work as an actor, making his first appearance on a TV show called Fantasy singing with his sister Rain.

In 1982, River was cast in the short-lived CBS television series, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, in which he starred as the youngest brother, Guthrie Mc Fadden.

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Although he was only onscreen for about ten minutes, his character was central.

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