Nhibernate hasmany not updating

25-Sep-2019 18:51

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Copy newer NHibernate binaries to the Tools directory of Fluent source and recompile. Fluent libraries currently have to be recompiled against v3.0.0 Beta 1 of NHibernate.The next part will be focused on integrating Ninject, our inversion of control / dependency injection framework, with ASP. The less obvious purpose is to know what’s not broken. As long as you write your code and tests every day, the order isn’t all that important. Get Logger(Get Type(Base Fixture)) End Function End Class We’re calling log4net. If you want something a lot more powerful, check out Ayende’s NHProf. We’ll explicitly save the section in this transaction as well. Now, when you’re on a team working on a project, I assume things *should* work a little different. My project team is just me, and I’ve picked up a lot of bad habits from my team over the years. NHibernate makes extensive use of the log4net log framework. After making the change and re-running our tests, we see that the same test is still failing, although it got further. Display Contents simply iterates through the Department list and displays the children in a hierarchical tree using simple foreach nested loop. In this part, we’re going to correct our model and mappings to pass our tests. According to Fabio Maulo, the NHibernate logo is probably a sleeping marmot. Transient Object Exception : object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing. If this were a Test Cascade Save From Parent To Child test, we would adjust our mapping. Essentially, whenever Hibernate issues an SQL INSERT or UPDATE for an entity which has defined generated properties, it immediately issues a select afterwards to retrieve the generated values.Properties marked as generated must additionally be non-insertable and non-updateable.

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This will be the last full-time NHibernate post for a while. When correcting bugs, you should correct only bugs. Yes, we write tests so we can find out what’s broken. As long as you leave the house fully dressed, the order isn’t all that important. This loads the logging configuration from the app.config, which wires up log4net with Console. With the example configuration, we'll get to see the SQL NHibernate is executing. In this case, we’re testing the delete-orphan functionality, not the cascade of inserts and updates.

This exception is telling us we’re trying to save an object, but it references another object that isn’t saved.