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06-Mar-2020 12:10

This makes the outbursts of the jealous headmistress ugly and difficult to watch.

The title makes it sound like a pleasant romp through woodlands, but this film is not at all light-hearted.

It’s a very traditional looking film, with a soapy Hollywood feel that is at odds with the controversial subject matter.

Directed by Jacqueline Audry, the only woman at that time to direct commercial French cinema, everything is neat and shiny and the girls at the boarding school are pictures of prettiness.

There’s a great scene in this movie that takes place after dinner, when the guests come together for entertainment. Jean Cocteau was best known in France as a poet and novelist, but he also made such beautiful fantasy films. In this version, Orpheus is a poet who has run out of inspiration.

The mechanical piano plays Saint Saens’, the keys moving by themselves, and on the stage three ghosts and a skeleton appear, jigging up and down to the music. When he meets Death in the form of a princess, and strange messages start coming out of his car stereo, he becomes obsessed. And how is it possible to visit the Underworld using only a pair of rubber gloves and a household mirror?In this story of four men agreeing to drive a shipment of volatile nitro-glycerine through jungle roads in South America, every jolt of the two trucks could be fatal. We see the fear behind the machismo, the desperation behind the posturing.