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The program began airing on February 26, 2015, however RM left the show after 22 episodes due to BTS' 2015 Red Bullet world tour.

The following year, RM recalled that he had largely written about the negative emotions he had been carrying, such as anger and rage, but stated that the songs are not "100% under [his] sovereignty" and that he felt many parts of the mixtape were "immature".

The rap track, later released as collectively under BTS "Intro: What Am I to You? That same March, RM collaborated with hip hop project group MFBTY along with EE and Dino J as a feature for the song "Bucku Bucku".

He featured in the music video for "Bucku Bucku," and also had a cameo in another MFBTY music video for their song, "Bang Diggy Bang Bang".

Bang offered RM a spot at the record label, and, without his parents knowledge, RM accepted the offer immediately.

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The “Hard Right” was not the solution to the “Alt-Right.” There was that attention whore Kenny Parker who first manifested at the New Orleans rally who had a swastika tattooed on his chest who beclowned himself in several documentaries before “leaving hate behind” on MSNBC.For the first time, in over 25yrs, I was able to take time for self-reflection.